Coffee you can fall in love with…

…Sweet, bright, earthy, balanced and complex…

Don’t worry, you didn’t accidentally navigate onto a wine aficionado site. Tasting notes aren’t just for grapes, they should also be in a coffee lover’s lexicon. Coffee farms around the globe work diligently to cultivate amazing and complex flavors. It’s time to embark on a global exploration. We at Roam Coffee Company would love to be your guide as you experience our coffee flavors from around the world.

About us

We love everything about coffee. We love to smell it, drink it, and read about it. We love sharing the history of coffee with those that may not be familiar with its origins and we especially love how coffee can be the common denominator among people when discussing life’s ups and downs, triumphs and losses. If you could combine those feelings and connections and morph those into a real thing, you would have what we so proudly call Roam Coffee Company.

Roam Coffee Company is an extension of its founders and reflects the core values that are so important to us. Dom and Miguel were both born abroad and independently settled in Oklahoma City. Our diverse paths and combined years of life experience and travel have taught us that INTEGRITY, EQUALITY AND RESPECT are the simplest but truest standards by which we all should live. We have created Roam Coffee Company to introduce and share amazing coffee with our fellow Oklahomans. We desire to provide a quality cold brew that we believe is missing in today’s market. Our goal is to provide a top-notch product while giving back to the community we love. With an open heart and welcoming spirit, we invite you to join us in a cup and look forward to meeting you.

Roam is the first FDA approved manufacturer for cold brew in Oklahoma


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Where to buy

Find us now at these reputable Oklahoma establishments

Little Market

This little market will surely become one of your favorite places to visit in the Paseo Arts District. Swing by to grab our cold brew coffee and you will surely find other local brands to fall in love with. Great wines and local beers are available by the glass as well, need we say more? You can shop & relax in this charming market, all while supporting small businesses in our community.

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Are you hungry? Head down to the beautiful Paseo district and indulge in some of best brunch food around this city. These buttermilk biscuits are like no other. Grab yourself a cold bottle of Roam Cold brew and our favorite, the Buttermilk Debris… you can thank us later…

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Urban Agrarian

From Oklahoma farms and ranches, Urban Agrarian carries fresh vegetables, fruits, meats, dairy, grains, nuts, and now ROAM Cold Brew!!!! They also proudly carry products from Earth Elements Market and Bakery, a local food processing kitchen that takes excess from area farmers and ranchers as well as Urban Agrarian and makes a lineup of over 300 products utilizing local ingredients. If you have not check this place out, you need to make your next shopping trip there.

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Conscious Community Co op

Pick up Roam Coffee here and take good unaltered food to the next level! Dozens of local farms, Bake goods, bulk fruits brought in direct from farms, homemade items, gardening supplies like plants and seeds in bulk, bulk honey and Maple syrup direct from farm so you can fill your own bottle, monthly events for the whole family, workshops and classes!

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We feel privileged to be able to provide for your cold brew needs via this Oklahoma institution, serving this community since 1910! Be sure to say hello to Bill and Deanna for us. Saturdays hold a special place for bologna (salute and all). Don’t blame us when you walk out with all sorts of goodies

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OSU-OKC’s Farmers Market

OSU-OKC’s Farmers Market is an opportunity for shoppers to fill their kitchens with the freshest food in Oklahoma. Featuring Oklahoma Grown and made products from more than 30 vendors, the market allows local farmers, food producers and artisans to provide consumers with the best the state has to offer. With fresh foods, seasonal produce, certified organic products, and a variety of handmade skincare and craft items, there is something for everyone, including Roam Coffee on Saturdays. You never know what special treat we will be serving up.

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 If you’re in the Edmond area and are looking to try our amazing cold brew, feel free to stop by Legacy Martial Arts. The welcoming staff will be able to assist you with your purchase and you will get to witness some incredible kids and adults learning from premier instructors in a positive atmosphere.

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If you’re in the Oklahoma City area and need your cold brew fix, stop by this one-of-a-kind martial arts academy. While there, sip on a cup and experience the beautiful art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, taught by America’s most accomplished BJJ competitor of all time.

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