The 2020 Caffeine crawl is upon us!

Our long time Herd Members know that we here at Roam coffee company love to get out and about. We try to get involved in as many events as our limited time will permit. This year we have joined the Caffeine Crawl and boy-oh-boy, are we excited for this event.

What is the Crawl, you ask?

Coffee Time!!!

Essentially, it’s the coolest event revolving around coffee shop culture that bridges the gap between consumers and industry in a celebration of the local scene. Crawls include quality-driven coffee, tea (includes kombucha), juice, soda, and craft chocolate. There are multiple routes for each city’s Caffeine Crawl, and 5 or 6 organized stops per route. 

Jason Burton is the brain-child behind this event that takes place annually in San Diego, Houston, Kansas City, and right here in our hometown, the beautiful Oklahoma City! Jason is a marketing whiz, and pretty much loves promoting higher-end products like beer, wine, spirits, tea, coffee, soda… generally anything tasty and drinkable. 

Okay, okay, okay, tell me more!!!

experience the difference

Each stop includes a fun, and educational presentation along with samples provide by the sponsors. Roam Coffee has partnered up with our Friends at Big Buns Bakery. Since neither of us has a traditional shop to host our guests, we are being hosted by Urban Agrarian at their headquarters location down in the farmers market district. Crawlers will get a chance to try freshly made take-and-bake Big Buns while they learn how Roam Coffee Cold brew is produced. Crawlers will be able to taste roam cold brew at its various stages and interact with the raw materials that go into making Oklahoma’s Cold brew. 

Obviously, we are excited about this!!! are you going to be there? We are on routes 3 and 5, and there are only a few tickets left. here are some links to help you get informed…