About us

We love everything about coffee. We love to smell it, drink it, and read about it. We love sharing the history of coffee with those that may not be familiar with its origins and we especially love how coffee can be the common denominator among people when discussing life’s ups and downs, triumphs and losses. If you could combine those feelings and connections and morph those into a real thing, you would have what we so proudly call Roam Coffee Company.

Roam Coffee Company is an extension of its founders and reflects the core values that are so important to us. Dom and Miguel were both born abroad and independently settled in Oklahoma City. Our diverse paths and combined years of life experience and travel have taught us that INTEGRITY, EQUALITY AND RESPECT are the simplest but truest standards by which we all should live. We have created Roam Coffee Company to introduce and share amazing coffee with our fellow Oklahomans. We desire to provide a quality cold brew that we believe is missing in today’s market. Our goal is to provide a top-notch product while giving back to the community we love. With an open heart and welcoming spirit, we invite you to join us in a cup and look forward to meeting you.

Roam is the first FDA approved manufacturer for cold brew in Oklahoma


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